School Holiday Activities to beat the boredom

School Holiday Activities to beat the boredom

It’s that time of year. School holidays.

The kids are home and you’re forced to become a child entertainer, 24/7!

Lucky for you, we have compiled a bunch of school holiday activities you can do at home on the cheap to beat the boredom.

Make an indoor obstacle course

Gather those pillows and any other objects you have to create an obstacle course for the kids. Make it a competition and see who the winner will be.
The best part? This one will also tire the kids out.

Make an indoor fort

Forts were our favourite growing up! The SlumberPod is perfect for indoor forts.
If you don’t have a SlumberPod, then grab those chairs and blankets and get building!
Watch the kids be entertained for hours!

Bake some cupcakes and decorate.

It’s time to let their creativity be free!
Let them help you with the baking and then allow them to decorate their own cupcakes.
Boredom cured: Check
Dessert sorted: Check
CAUTION: Vacuum may be necessary.

Family board game night

Family time is hard to come by these days, with everyone so busy, it is hard to find a moment to spend together.
Make an effort these school holidays to have a family board game night.
Pull out those board games from the cupboard and let the games begin!
Who will come out on top?

Make some macaroni jewellery

It’s an oldie but it’s still a goldie!
Grab some macaroni pieces and some string and get creating.
Whether it be a macaroni necklace or bracelet, make something for your kids to flaunt at their next birthday party. 

Organise an indoor treasure hunt

That’s right, treasure hunts can be done inside too.
Easter may have passed but that doesn’t mean the hunting has to be over. To add a little more fun, make use of the Zazu Gina Torch.
What will you hide for the kids to find?

We know the words “I’m bored” are scary.

But with these school holiday activities, you’ll have something to fill in all those bored moments.

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