WonderFold W4 Collapsible Shopping Basket


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No more juggling shopping carts and kids with this detachable shopping basket! Compatible with the W4 wagons, the WonderFold W4 Collapsible Shopping Basket turns your stroller wagon into a shopping cart by creating an extra compartment in place of one of the seats. Additionally, each basket has pockets on each side and collapses for easy storage. The shopping basket can hold onto all your essentials such as shopping necessities, medical equipment, bags, etc.

WonderFold W4 Collapsible Shopping Basket Features:

-Collapsible for easy storage
-Great for shopping or medical equipment
-Features stow-away fabric handles for easy carrying
-Includes two mesh pockets for extra organization
-W4 size comes with an optional divider

Additional information

Weight2.26 kg
Dimensions55.88 × 38.1 × 10.16 cm


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